Friday, February 22, 2008

Sunshine Laurel!

Everyone should have one of these in their lives!
She is such a gem, and we just adore her! She is 16 and of course we have our disagreements, but they are never blown-up explsosions, she just doesn't do drama.

This Scenic Route paper gave me the inspiration to tell it like it is with her! She loved the hand drawn name and all of the stickles glitter everywhere! It took me a while to stitch the rays and hand sew on the buttons, but her smile is (obviously) worth it!
I needed a sunny colored project, it is still a little gloomy with a little storm rolling through so it is nice to look at something with such beautiful colors!
Anyway, going up to get myself going on the afternoon carpool, it is early day here, LOL!


Nicole said...

you and your glitter;) love it girl!

rachel carlson said...

this is great beks! thanks for sending some sunshine my way. i'm SO ready for winter to be done.

Trish said...

I love your blog and your work! I just found it a few days ago, but I look forward to browsing again :)