Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nikolay had a play date!

Melissa, Sharon and Liz came by and brought at couple of their girls with them! Nikolay has been very timid around other dogs, so this really helped socialize him in a positive and fun way! And of course we all loved it because their dogs are so beautiful and exceptionally behaved! LeeLu is the gorgeous red that is in the center of the pic, Amelia is the white with the black mask smiling at Nikolay and he is there just tying to not panic!
I think he was very glad to have made some new friends and he was exhausted after they left, he crawled up onto the sofa and collapsed into a little puppy nap ball! We figured out today that he is going to be a big boy, he was almost as big as LeeLu and his paws are larger than Amelia...
It is so funny that he seems so small to us, and then we put him in a frame of reference and it is such a HUGE reality check!
Anway, we are getting in the car to do a family dinner in Lehi and have to drive in a storm.
More tomorrow with a new Method Playground challenge!


Anonymous said...

so cute - love your puppy- hope your drive was safe!

rachel carlson said...

awwwwww, look at all that furry love! so happy to hear that he is socializing. hugs, rach