Monday, February 25, 2008

New Method Playground Challenge is up!

Okay, these are definitely not the "best" pictures as far as all that technical stuff goes, but who can resist a five year old in a speedo???? Didn't think so! He is just that hammy and silly now, and it is 13 years later, so glad that some things stay the same! I love finding older memories like this, that need remembered and making a page for them! This is what the hobby is about for me! What are his kids going to say when they see him? (hehehehe!)
Anyway, the latest challenge is to hand cut something and put it in your project. Easy and so fun! Great technique for digi-doers too, so no excuses, LOL!
And Teresa is donating her papers as raks, so how cool is that? I will also be giving a PcLayers gift card!
Please come and play!

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Brenda Hurd said...

hey you! Great layouts - the past few posts - i LOVe the SEVS one. Too cute. Thanks for letting me play last week - i had a great time.