Saturday, January 19, 2008

Week in Review

This week has been very exciting and has not included much sleep for Dave and I!
Of course we have been letting Nikolay sleep on the bed with us at night (we would never have let our children do that, LOL!) and the little guy snores, pants and in general takes up a lot of space and is very hot bodied. Not very restful. This has induced a couple of late afternoon naps on my part and early evening doze-offs for Dave.
Here is the explanation of his name:
We are huge tennis fans. Aftern much negotiating about a Harry Potter name, we could come to no comfortable consensus, so we decided to try out a bunch of Russian names to see if there was something that we could all agree on there. This is where the tennis part comes in. There are a few exceptional players names that we considered. Marat Safin was one of my favorites (have you ever seen a picture of him? Go google him, worth the time!) But we were kidding around one day and I mentioned the name Nikolay Davydenko. A player that is really fun to watch and that has a very mellow and kind personality, all the things that we would like to see him be! And then I twisted the name by saying Nikolay Doggydenko and the kids laughed and then said no way. Well, we kept joking about that name at the same time we were trying to figure out another name, and it kept getting more and more liked by everyone until we decided that it fit and that
is how he was named Nikolay. (btw, Weasley is showing up as a nick, he is completely a little weasel with his toys and playing, very cute!)
So the snow is no longer an issue for him, Lynn was right, he just needed some time to adjust, and now he loves it! He has a great time in the back looking for sticks, playing with vines and chasing his stuffy! He has learned how to do the stairs and the leash is no longer offensive, big steps for the little guy!

Here is the layout from the Creating Inspirations January newsletter. I loved these pictures of Tyler and I, and this layout is about how this will be his last winter with us as a child. Makes me a little melancholy!
Anyway, trying to get caught up from having a crazy week, the Australian Open is on and of course that is contributing to a little of the lack of sleep, and not getting enough done! I love to watch the matches, they are really incredible!
BTW, totally sore from body pump at the gym yesterday, a good thing really, but man it is a bummer that this is my reward for doing the right thing!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your cute new addition!

Laura Fiore said...

YAY FOR your cute pup Becky!!! And go you on the Body Pump...gotta love that kinda sore!

Am I seeing you at CHA???

Brenda Hurd said...

your crazy girlfriend - dog in bed - i seriously would be nodding off the next day too - I can't even sleep with dh in the bed! Sure is a cutie though - maybe hard to resist! Cute layout!

Anonymous said...

AH HA! I knew Weasley would make in there somehow. Weasley as a nickname I think that is awesome and makes me sooooo proud!