Monday, January 21, 2008

Promise not to laugh?

When puppy has to go out, puppy goes out, no matter what state of dressed you are for the day!
So out in my jammies in the middle of the largest snow storm of the year I go so that he can do some important business! The snow was so deep for him, and by the mid-afternoon, it was past his belly! He was jumping around just to keep his nose above the snow line, he needed a snorkel!
Our little guy is lucky to have made it to a home that loves and worships him as much as he loves us, but not all fur babies are so fortunate. Bernie is in the race for a huge grant that she desperately needs, for more information check the badge on the left and also go to Claudine's blog or A place to bark blog. Every little bit helps, and they need unique donations, meaning that it needs to be people who have not donated yet, so word of mouth is crucial to help them win this contest!


Emily Pitts said...

brrr....that looks cold. somehow, we missed the storm over here. a bit sad actually.

Anonymous said...

LOVE everything about this photo! such a spontaneous image but the result is awesome. nice and moody and captures a beautiful moment with you and your dog in the fresh falling snow... beautiful.
& thanks for the info on "a place to bark", what a great cause to donate to.