Thursday, January 24, 2008

Big Achievement

I am so excited for Tyler! He has been working so hard in Aikido for four years! And yesterday he received his brown belt! He led the group in warm-ups, did a demo with his Bokun and then did a mock attack with three other students that was really fun to watch them attacking him and him defending. Aikido is aout self defense, it is a martial art that does not attack, only defends. I have been so proud of him and his growth through this experience! Congratulations Tyler, I love you!


Erin said...

wow! That's huge!!! Someday I want to return to martial arts, I loved it, but didn't do it for long because life just got in the way.

Rox said...

Yay so proud of Ty!
Give him bones from the boys.

Rox -