Wednesday, January 16, 2008


We want him to be a snuggler! So we are constantly putting him next to or on us! Chloe loves to fold him up like a little lamb and put him on her lap. He is 4 months old and weighs about 40 pounds.
He is getting much better at "going" outside and only had one accident today! I know, TMI, but these things are important to me, LOL! Got a lot of projects and busy work going on, and that makes me happy!
I can't wait to see all of the new product releases at CHA, I am a product junkie and Anaheim will give me my fix! I have had a sneak peek of Teresa's lines and I love them so much, there is literally something for everyone being released. I have been trying to work on my HOF entry, but I hate to do anything halfway, if I do it I want to be competitive and I am not sure that with my time constraints I can do things the way I want them to be done. That makes me a little sad, and I will keep plugging away, but I also want to be realistic about what I can do and do right!
And thanks everyone for all of the wonderful comments about the puppy!
Oh, I forgot to tell you his name!
Nikolay Doggydenko.
Get it?


Erin Weed said...

I'm glad you guys are enjoying him. I totally don't get the name though, and I have a feeling it's painfully obvious. I feel like I spend a lot of time under a rock though.

Good luck with your HOF entry! I have given up on putting mine together this year, I just don't have the time or creative mojo lately, so it just isn't going to happen.

Anonymous said...

oh beks! he's SOOOOOO sweet, i wish i could hug him. i'm in the confused camp on the name, it's probably something from the potter books huh!? i've seen all the movies but not yet read the books - i KNOW!

hope to see you at CHA! miss you tons! chin up and press on with HOF - you CAN do it - sound familiar!!!

HUGE hugs, rach

Anonymous said...

becky i'm so excited he's finally here! he's adorable, and as a fellow TENNIS groupie i LOVE the name!

Nancywithajones said...

OH HOW CUTEEEEEEE!!! we have a 65 lb lap dog that thinks he weights 2 lbs ROFL he will sit on you look you in the face and snoopy stare you it is hilarious.
VERY CUTE DOGGY love hte name!!