Friday, December 28, 2007


Holidays are hectic.

I haven't gotten a thing done, and I am whooped.

Finally made it back to the gym yesterday and today with Teresa, so needed that! Was getting that gooey feeling that gets me all depressed.
We met a couple of local borzoi owners last night, Sharon and Melissa. Melissa brought her four fuzz kids over, and we all visited for close to two hours, it was wonderful! Her dogs are beautiful and so well mannered, we just didn't want them to leave! It just made us that much more excited about getting the little man! Sharon is sharing so much of her experience with us as well, links to read up on and an open door for us if we have questions or need help! So great that with a puppy we get so many friends too! A few thins we are looking forward too that they told us about are racing days where the local owners get together and let the dogs "race"! The dogs just love to go all out, and it sounds so cool to see a bunch of these gorgeous, sleek dogs going as fast as they can! They also do play dates at the dog park, and hikes in Millcreek, stuff that I just love doing! I still miss Avalanche terribly, but I am feeling like the hole in my heart that he left will not hurt as much with a new cold nose being put into it! Anyway, we need a warm day so that the little guy can get on an airplane and get here, so if you don't mind wishing for a tiny change in the weather, that would be great!


Amy Hummel said...

I know what you mean about that gooey feeling! I have that myself. Dh tells me it's okay because I'm pregnant... but I'm gooey in places where I KNOW there isn't a baby, LOL! That's the depressing part!

Sherry Wright said...

i Becky, love what you did with Kim's stamps. Was your Avalanche a Great Pyrenees? We had 2 for 11 and 14 years and they were amazing. We have a new GP pup now. Anyway just saw the lo and wanted to say I'm sorry for your loss and congrats on your new addition!