Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Grampa Baggs and I...

And a new kit from 7 Gypsies! A very happy combination!

I am really loving the 7 Gypsies digital kits, they just make my mind explode with the possiblities. They print out beautifully, and are so VERSATILE!!!

Christmas was funny and fun! The kids had been told that they weren't getting gifts because of the puppy, but when they woke up there were gifts under the tree. So they opened gifts, hilarity ensued when they found under all of the wrapping paper all kinds of puppy items! Leashes, collars, shampoo, biscuits, treats and most importantly toys! The kids have each claimed a favorite and I think that they are substituting as lovies until the little man get here (which at this point can't be soon enough!)
Anyway, we had a pleasant afternoon and evening by going to see National Treasure with the rest of the family and having dinner at my parents house.
A Project Runway season 1 marathon today has made for great converstaion and the re-hash of the highs and lows of a brilliant show!
I love the slow days of the holiday break, when you can enjoy each others company!
We appreciate so much the name suggestions for the puppy too, they are being discussed at length, with everybody's opinions being shared! Very fun!
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that you are having a little time to slow down as well!

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Kim Hughes said...

ahhhh, your layout is beyond fabulous!! What an adorable photo :)