Saturday, October 06, 2007

Beautiful Fall Saturday

Love this time of year, everything about it works for me!

I love the weather changes, some days are warm and breezy, some are crisp and cool. The unpredictability is so energizing!
I love that the kids are back in school. And even though I miss them terribly, I love the great stories they come home with everyday, all part of their grand life adventures!!
I love the smells of candles, cookies baking, stew on the stove and an apple pie on special occasions. Fall seems to bring clarity with it. Appreciation for what has gone and what will come. It is a time when I want to slow down and work on my latest afghan I am crocheting or sit and watch a halloween movie with the kids. I feel like life is always trying to speed us up, but something about the fall always reminds me that there is a time and a season for all things, and my time and season is with my amazing family right now. So I might just be a scrappy stay at home mom to some, but to my kids I am wonder mom the lady who loves to drive them where they want to go and talk to them about whatever it is they want to talk about! That is good enough for me!
I am really grateful for this scrappy hobby too. Without it, there are many people who I would never have met that mean so very much to me.
Last night was a wonderful time spent with friends having dinner and visiting. If it were not for scrapbooking, I would never have met and had the opportunity to grow in friendship with one of the friends. A true blessing!
The layout above was made at a crop today with Erin and Celeste (Natalie and Kayla we missed you!). We had such a pleasant afternoon just visiting and cropping. When I got home from the crop Dave took me to eat at the Porcupine and we stuffed ourselves with yummy food! (If you have never eaten there and you live in Utah, I highly recommend it!)
Anyway, Tyler's 18th birthday is less than two weeks away! eeeeeek!
I just don't feel old enough. I need to figure out some way to help him celebrate so if you have some ideas, I would love to hear them!
Off to watch Brothers Grimm with Tyler and Laurel, Chloe and Carter are having a grand sleepover at the girl cousins house!

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Anonymous said...

happy fall beckers! this layout is just beautimous - love that owl! miss ya already. hugs, rach