Monday, October 08, 2007

Sew get on it!

I just posted the third challenge for the Method Playground!!!

I hope all of you will play! I have some fun goodies to give away, and you would never guess by my scrapping style how fun this challenge is for me!

I took two different pictures of this layout, one is on top of a cashemere sweater that is the same color of pink and the colors really pop off of it and look super rich, but it is hard to tell that it is a clear layout. And the other is hung from my closet door display system (Nordstrom ribbon and binderclips that are sewn on, super high tech!), so you can see that it is clear, but the colors aren't as vibrant. It was a tough pick on which one to use for the technique blog, but here, I get to post them both because I can!

Yeah that is supposed to be funny, but at 1:00 am, maybe it is just silly, LOL!

I know that this is a challenge that digi
scrappers can do very easily as well, so I expect my digi-ing peeps to get on this one!!! (and you all know who you are!)
I hope that I see a few familiar faces posting links for me to visit!


rach said...

bek! WoWzers, this layout is yummers, LOVE the stitching and on a cashemere sweater no less! i wish i knew how to sew - sigh. i DO know how to find digi stitches though - hee, hee! loves, rach

mindy said...


I think that layout is one of my favorites that I've seen in a while. Makes me want to break out my supplies again:)

Nicole said...

i remember this layout!
love the finishing touches you added bek!
beautiful girl:)

Anonymous said...

I love the clear layout - so cool!! Missed you all Saturday too! :)