Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mixed Bag

Don't you just love how life loves to give you a mixed bag?

This week has been one of those.

So a good thing I was really excited about was the October Scrapbooks Etc. had this layout I did in it!

The bummer was that I had my name spelled wrong and that I still haven't received my check for it because they had my mailing address wrong!

A good thing was getting to play tennis and have a luncheon get together with all of my favorite tennis girls, and celebrating a dear friends birthday! The bummer was that after tennis my Yukon died and now it is in the shop and I am driving Tyler's "vintage" (read as old pos) Porsche 944, perfect car for a teenage boy, not so much for a carpooling mom!

Another good thing is that I am busy with scrapbooking, it has me wondering whether to sit or stand, the bummer is that I make no money for any of my work! Gotta a love a hobby that is so encompassing that you become an enthusiast (right April?)

Just wanted to clarify that I am not going to Denver until next weekend, and of course I am very excited! Just to add a fun silly me twist to the whole thing, my kids reminded me that they have Friday off from school and they are glad that I will be gone because when it is just them and dad they get away with more. Great.

Anyway, mixed bag or not, life is still good, and I am grateful for all I have and all I get to do, very worth the roller coaster!



rachel carlson said...

bek, will be so nice to see you again! hugs, rach

Anonymous said...

If it was all the same - how boring it would be! And yes I totally get the all-encompassing enthusiast thing! :)

Layle said...

Fun layout, Becky! I saw it in the mag and thought it might be you. Congrats on having it picked up!