Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday (phew)

I am so glad it is Friday. It was kind of a long week, and I am ready to find a bed and have a long nap!
This layout that was in the Creating Inspirations Newsletter is how I feel today, I kinda just want to hide, recuperate and get some juice back in my coconut!

So glad, got my car back this afternoon, yay! That is a very good thing, I am so happy to not be driving Tyler's car anymore. Again perfect for him, for me not so much!

Went on a nice long walk this morning with a friend, it was a beautiful day and we had such a pleasant chat. really needed that!

I also received my kit to work on for Creating Inspirations for October, and lets just say it SERIOUSLY ROCKS!

Got my layout done for the Method Playground and it is a really fun challenge, I hope that it inspires others to play with their art! Go look on Monday for the layouts we all did and what the technique will be! I have to admit that this technique was really a challenge for me! So if I can do it, so can you!

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