Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tough Luck...

I just have to laugh at myself (trust me, it isn't that hard!)

I was so relieved to get our car back and thought that maybe our little run of tough luck would be over, but alas I was wrong.

Dave the superhero husband that he is went to the gym on Saturday for a long workout, then he came home and worked in the yard for a few hours and made it look so much better!

Then the poor guy got a little bug and spent the night in the bathroom, heaving his guts out (blech!)

Well, the long and short is that while spending so much quality time in the bathroom, he strained his abdominal muscles and threw out his back badly!

So he is miserable and there is not much I can do but try to make him comfortable and leave him to recuperate. I spent the day telling him to go lay down. Men are miserable patients.

The house smells like Ben-Gay and the ibuprofin bottle is half empty, LOL!

I hope that he feels better soon, and that we can get back to something resembling normalcy in our house!

On a more fun note, the Method Playground has a new technique challenge up and I somehow managed to get my layout made during all of this fun!

The challenge is to take some item from your household and use it as a stamp! I used an empty ribbon spool and Lil Davis glitter paint for my large sparkly circles!
Hope that I get to see some of you playing!


Nicole said...

sorry to hear about dave.
men make the WORST patients.
glad you got some scrappyness. love this layout and the big ol' sparkly circles:)

Anonymous said...

Love the layout! the photo is great - you are so good to put yourself in your layouts! I think having a husband sick is like having two children sick! I hope your upcoming weekend you get to have some fun - you totally deserve a break! :)

Brenda said...

Love your layout Becky - the circles are the perfect touch. Sorry about your hubby - hope he feels well soon - for his sake and yours.

Natalie Malan said...

whoa! sorry he was sooo sick! This layout is adorable! I always love your compositions! You make so many fun things to look at and it balances so well.