Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Purple is IN...

It is kind of a now color, but at our house it has always been in.

It has always been Laurel's favorite color and has never left us!
So when I was at that crop and was working on some older pictures of her, of course I had to use the purple!!!
I was really excited, I got four layouts done and had a great time doing them!
It was so fun to create just for the sake of having fun and keeping some precious memories that had been waiting for me!
We had some great laughs about the pictures being "called up" like going to the big leagues and getting into the book instead of being in the photo bin!, it was hilarious!
But when you think about it a little, that is what this hobby is all about, getting to those moments that you really don't want to forget!
Anyway, I get to go to Colorado next week for the Scrap Pink crop that Scrapbook Destinations is hosting! I will kind of be the EmCee and entertainment, and I am excited to go and help this fundraiser be really successful! Thanks for the opportunity Mary Kay!


Nicole said...

how funny i just posted my layouts from saturday:) you know i love these girl.

live on purple . . . lol

Anonymous said...

Love these layouts!! I love the "called up" photo thing - that makes me laugh...which is a good way to start a morning! Have fun in Colorado girl! Can't wait to hear about your trip!

Brenda said...

great Layouts - i'm glad someone got something accomplished! Have fun in Colorado!