Saturday, August 04, 2007

Tennis tournament elbow!

I have taken a little blogging hiatus to enjoy some of my summer and to get that darn MMM done and sent!

My entry got sent on Monday and arrived on Wednesday morning. So glad to have gotten it done and sent. I know quite a few very talented people who have entered, and with only 10 Masters spots and 10 runner up spots, it is going to be tough choosing for those judges I think.

I also have had a very busy summer tennis season, which is good! But right now I have a very grumpy elbow and a less than useful knee (going up or down stairs, not pretty, LOL!)

Our team made it to a play-off tournament for the state, the best five teams played a round robin format. Our team ended up losing 3 of the 4 team points, but I was fortunate enough to have won both of my matches.

If this makes no sense to you, sorry! A short description would be a line-up consists of 2 singles matches and 3 doubles matches, a team point is awarded (the win) when at least 3 of the 5 matches are won by a team. We came so close the entire time with many heartbreaking 3 set tiebreaker losses. I was very proud of the ladies I shared this experience with and enjoyed this season very much.

This being the case, I am a little behind on some scrapping responsibilities, but I am ready to get back to taking care of that now that the other distractions are handled!
Anway, if you don't mind keeping your toes crossed for me for the MMM contest, I would really appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

fingers crossed. congrats on winning!!!! cute suit!!!!

Lu said...

good luck with MMM. I ended up not entering. Just did not have time to really get into it. I will be thinking about you.

Ranger and Tanner said...

well they would plain crazy not to pick you! so glad you decided to take the plunge and submit.

Anonymous said...

best of luck on the MMM contest...
be ready for the ride of your life and friendships that will touch your soul! fingers crossed for you.
catherine feegel-erhardt
mmm c/o 2007