Monday, July 23, 2007

A night to ourselves!

Rick and Brianna took the kids today to spend the day and night with the cousins for pioneer day eve (Pioneer Day, it's a Utah thing).
So Dave and I have had the late afternoon and evening to ourselves.
It is really weird to have no one home, this nevers happens, usually someone wants to be an "only" child when there is a cousin night. But not this time.
So I have been cooking our favorite pulled pork recipe and making a greek pasta salad for our day tomorrow with the family.
We took our long walk, and had a big salad for dinner.
I am almost done with my MMM entry, got a little more done today, so glad!

So anyone ready to talk Harry Potter with me?
We got our copies at Borders which was incredible, they had to have sold a couple of thousand books at that midnight party! By 12:10, we had our two copies in hand with a couple of posters also!
I started reading at about 12:30 and kept going until about 4:00. Got up the next morning at around ten and started reading again off and on throughout the day, laughing, crying, wondering and guessing. By 10:30 that night I was done and ready to chat! But I couldn't, Laurel who had the other copy was just a little behind and didn't want to talk, she wanted to finish!
So I spent the day yesterday waiting for her to finish so we could finally talk about it!
Anyway, it was fabulous and I think anyone who is a fan will be satisfied with the ending!

Anyway, Dave and I are going to go watch a movie, have a porcupine for dessert (another Utah thing!) and enjoy our very quiet home.


Anonymous said...

ok bek, i'm getting pretty close to finishing it . . . as soon as i'm done we'll have to chat:)

deb said...

I've recently finished HP and would love to discuss it! JK is brilliant!