Friday, July 20, 2007

Book 7 of Harry Potter!

So we have it on pre-order at Borders, and they are having a big midnight buy your book party tonight!

We will be there, waiting with millions of other excited fans to receive the last installment of the story that has swept us through the last tens years of incredible fantasy and unfortunate reality.

The parallels that J.K. finds are wonderful, and I am sure this last book won't disappoint.

I have had a bit of the slowdown in my creative mojo these last few weeks, but I have been trying to just keep pushing through and creating something everyday.
It is a goal for me, to learn to not worry so much about how perfect it is or isn't (usually the latter, LOL!)
But I have to set goals, or I tend to lose interest and motivation. So my goal for this summer was to enter the Memory Makers Masters contest. I am so close to being done, but the last touches and thoughts are eluding me and it is so frustrating. I hate to even submit for anything if it doesn't meet a certain standard, but this time I will just have to let go of those issues and send it in, just to make myself finish that goal.
Not sure why I do these things to myself, but I do end up stronger and more determined in the end, so I am hoping that the ends justify the means, LOL!
Anyway, a completely pointless post, but needed to ramble.
Wish I were in Chicago with Mary Kay cruising the new product releases, but I will be using Harry to comfort my mind.


Anonymous said...

Hey Becky!
I am excitedly anticipating the release too! I am heading down to Borders tonight after dh gets home from work. Will be fun! :)

As for MMM, don't get too bogged down about it. I feel like we are in the same boat! Your entry will come together, and I am sure it will be brilliant! :)

Hugs & Aloha!

Jana said...

I wish we were in Chicago too but I'll hopefully see you again in Anaheim, right??!! :-)