Monday, July 16, 2007

Yes, we won!

The team that is.

My partner and I lost playing line one to a really tough but fun pair. One of the gals was about 6'1" and could reach everything, the other was a gal who was super fast and could chase down almost every ball. The had both played a lot of competitive volleyball too, which means that they have BIG overheads and great hands at the net. It was good tennis, just hate not winning!

But both of our singles gals won and the line three doubles team won also (that is where Lois and I usually play, pout) which gave us a 3-2 victory over this team!

Yippee! We get to go to districts with the other 3 top teams from the state and play a round robin to see which team will represent Utah at the sectional tournament in the middle of August, very exciting, and it will be good hard tennis!

In other news, I have been struggling with trying to decide whether or not to enter the Memory Makers Masters contest. I have some nice things cooking, but just can't seem to find the drive to take the stuff to the next level. And that is where it has to be to win, and I (obviously, hehehe!) don't like to play if I can't win!

Tyler is back from his 50 miler scout camp week. They had a great time, but because he is 17 (almost 18) he chose to not use a disposable camera so I could have pics. grrrr.

Oh, well.


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