Wednesday, July 11, 2007



I am now sipping at my free Pina Colada slurpee!

No pics though, it is stormy and icky out today, so we dumped the camera!

I have to admit when I got up this morning from seeing the movie, to go play tennis, I was a little tired!
It took me a while to unwind and fall asleep last night, the movie was really good! And if you have the chance to see the 3-d version, try it, it really was fun!
I put together this layout for a 5 product challenge at Creating Inspirations. I have a bit of a funny look on my face because I am on a ski lift holding the camera out in front of us trying to take the picture without losing balance on the lift chair and sliding out!
I know I am super biased, but my Carter just has the sweetest face! And he really is that nice pretty much all the time, a truly tender and kind hearted little guy!
And he is so fun to hang out with, he is always game for whatever is going on!
In tennis, big news! Our team is in second in our league flight and if we can win even one of our lines out of five in our match tomorrow we will get to go to districts for play-offs! So I hope I can get a big W tomorrow! So far my partner and I are undefeated, but we will have a very tough team tomorrow, so keep your toes crossed for us!


Anonymous said...

did you win???? update blog please...he he...T

Jane said...

Becky I followed the link from CI I really like your blog! And I love the layout. Beautiful!