Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cool goings on tonight!
At 12:01 we will be sitting in the movie theater watching Harry Potter!
We went to the grocery store and spent a boatload on candy, and I took a nap earlier so that I could make it through the almost 3 hour movie!
The kids are just dancing with anticipation, and the coolest part about seeing the opening night show is that we are in the I-MAX theater, so part of it will be in 3-d!
I will have to give you a re-cap later, but it looks to be completely amazing!
Also, don't forget that tomorrow is July 11th, 7-11!
7-11 has a cool thing on their birthday, the give out free slurpees to anyone who wants one! We make this an all day event with comings and goings, and our 7's has all the great flavors right now with Pina Colada being the all time best flavor EVER!
There will for sure be pics of us making ourselves sick from that!

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