Monday, July 09, 2007

A week being Tyler free!

He just got into the car with his enourmous backpack and is on his way to the Tetons in Wyoming to go camping with his scout troop! This is their 50 miler trip, and that back pack was BIG! Good luck to ya big T!

So this week still has me in a big swirlie, don't know whether I am coming or going but what can I do about?


So, there is some tennis for me, the midnight showing of "Harry Potter" on Wednesday night for all of us, and suome regular old bumming around the house and being absorbed into the sofas for the kids.

I would really be grateful if the crosswinds in my life let up a little, but we need change, so you have to put up with the wind if you expect to go anywhere. This is hard for me, (bit of a closet control freak, LOL!) but I know it will all eventually make sense so I am just trying to go with it at the moment!

The good part is that I have been scrapping my little heart out! The things that need to get done are getting done and the things that I can't get done for various reasons will be able to get done when it is time.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


AK2CO Girl said...

hey chica! Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you today. Glad to see you post this fun page!

rachel said...

b! chin up, press on - you are the glue that holds all of you together and you do it well! take care of you. saw this page at sistv - love it! hugs, rach

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Awesome layout!