Wednesday, August 22, 2007

MMM not for me...

Not yet anyway.

They don't know it yet, but I will be a Master some day, oh yes I will!

(said in my best Wayne Campbell voice!)

The team they have selected for this year is extremely talented, (not that I am not), and very inspirational, (I am that too!) and I am looking forward to the pages that will come.

So what is keeping me so happy is that I know that this is not the end of the world, I will get a chance to share what I love doing, and it will be when I am better prepared and have more to offer!

I was so excited for my friend Emily Pitts, she was selected for the page of the day at the Creating Keepsakes Blog that is hosted by Erin Lincoln!!! And while I was there, I found out that I had been the page of the day yesterday for the digi layout of Laurel and I! So very cool, fun to find little things in life like that! Little golden nuggets of happiness!

I was off the computer most of the day yesterday helping Teresa clean and donate a lot of stuff, you can see what a difference it makes in your creative process when you don't have a ton of things cluttering your mind! I also was dropping off a card at Creating Keepsakes for the January issue, super excited about that too!

Creating Inspirations has got a ton of cool things going on, and is going to be incorporating digi into their product mix also! I am very excited about that, I love doing hybrid/fusion/tra-digi projects and it will add a great dimension to the shop there!
Also at the StudioWERX street team blog, the girls have been taking the Poppets to the next level! They have been rocking it hard, and the inspiration there is super thick!
So, life is good! It isn't always exactly what you want, but it is always exactly what you need to grow!


Nicole said...

Love you and I KNOW you will be on that list one day!:)

rachel said...

HUGE hugs bek! you're already a master in my mind - you inspire me and continue to amaze me and i love ya for that!

Cindy Tobey said...

Becky, I LOVE your positive attitude! I KNOW you will be a MMM someday too...hey, maybe it will happen for us both the same year! That would be fun! Big hugs!

Angeltown said...

Ditto what Rachel said! You are already a master to us! :-D