Sunday, August 26, 2007

End of summer sadness

I have been pretty melancholy these last few days I must admit.

The kids are back in school full time tomorrow and we have been doing lots of crazy stuff to get ready for it all.

We had the girl cousins over for a sleepover that resulted in seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 3, pizza, play time at the park, a trip to 7-11 and a huge fort that is still covering my entire living room! These girls are so funny, and it was our last little hurrah!

We have been to the mall to dig up some reasonably untrashed attire for them to go back to school in. I say this because the look that the girls like right now is a little on the worn and grungy side. I was a total preppy girl back in the day, so this is fun for me to see how the girls choose their look and stay within our very limited budget! Carter and Tyler are easy, some T's and cargo shorts and they are good to go. then there is the wonderful paying of the fees that goes with the going back to school thing, and let me just tell you that four kids later, that is one chunk of change.

The kids are excited about their classes and I am sad that they are more excited to go back to school than they are to sit on the sofa and do nothing with me. I do see the folly in my reasoning, it just is hard to be really alone for me the first few days of every school year.

Also, Dave has some pretty crazy stuff going on in his life, not a surprise, just makes it all the crazier trying to deal with mine.

Anyway, not feeling old enough to have a Senior and Junior in High school, a Ninth grader in her last year of Jr. High and a Sixth grader enjoying his last days at the most awesome elementary school ever!

So have pity on me being all alone now that summer has ended, I need it! Just kidding, pity party over got things to do! Actually, I am headed back to the tennis court after two weeks off, and into the scraproom to finally get some "stuff" done ;)

Hope you all had a great summer too!


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