Monday, August 27, 2007

Digi Goodness

I am really enjoying the kits from PcLayers!

This is a sneak peek from a kit that will be released next week called Amelie, it is so full of great embellishments! Crocheted flowers and borders and elegant soothing greens and blues. Super easy to use, LOVE it!

School went well for all the kids today, Carter is going to Mill Hollow on Wednesday and he is super-amped! It is an outdoor education experience where they go stay in cabins with their school mates and go on hikes and do skits!

Very cool stuff!

Chloe had a blast getting to know everyone in her drama class and getting the low-down on the expectations for journalism, she is loving the fact that she is finally in 9th grade and not at the bottom of the heap, but at the top!

Laurel was excited to catch up with her friends, and especially Meeka! Meeka was able to go to Japan twice this summer, and she brought Laurel back an authentic manga, Laurel is excited to practice reading kanji and has already started picking at it, she couldn't be happier to be studying Japanese as her foreing launguage again this year! She has a another really cool class called bio-tech that is kind of CSI like, they will do a lot of deductive testing and analyzing and she can't wait, she loves gross stuff!

Tyler had a full day at school, and then ran in the door threw on his work shirt and went over to the market where he is a bag boy, this is good for him, and will hopefully help him be more responsible with his time! I had fun making this layout of him, he just loves all things "Tyler" and when he saw this sitting on my scrap table he said "um yeah, I rock" so of course I had to throw that on there! What a guy!

Anyway, I missed having them around for most of the day, but I went and hit a tennis ball with some friends, and then ran a couple of errands. The day was actually bearable, LOL!
Anyway, tennis to watch, US Open is on and scrapping to do (always...)

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Natalie Malan said...

hey! Cute Amelie layout! It's so fun to see what everybody does with it! Um and that you guys make way cuter things with my kit than I did! HA!