Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Running With Scissors

So that was my nickname when I was a working ski instructor. There is a reason for that of course, it is because I am always heading for trouble full speed ahead! Well this weekend will be no exception, I am running (with scissors) away from home for a long scrappy weekend.
I need this, and even though the timing is really tough and we are pretty poor right now, I was encouraged to go by my adoring and encouraging husband.
He can see it in my eyes that I am tired and just need some girl time.
The rules are no cell phones, no internet and no kids or husbands.
My kind of rules right now.
So my arrangements are made, my bags are packed, and my mind is ready.
I will miss things at home, but I know that they will still be here when I get back, so I am making a conscience effort to not stress about any of it.
There is a crazy amount of scrappy stuff in my bag, stamps, ink, paper, glue, chipboard, alphas, rub-ons, gems, flowers, ribbon and transparencies! I am sure that I won't even make a dent in it, but I am going to have fun trying!
So hi-ho, hi-ho it is off to scrap I go!


rach said...

this IS exactly what you need AND deserve! enjoy it to the FULLEST! hugs cutie, rach

Rachelle said...

hope you have the most amazing and fun time :) hugs.