Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sharing the love

A world full of friends!
That is one of the greatest gifts that scrapbooking has given me.
I have loads of local pals, I play tennis with them, shop with them and even ski and go hiking with them. But the gift of acceptance and friendship that I get from people "like" me from the world of scrapbooking is so wonderful!
So I made a little memento for myself. I spent the entire day on May 5th on my butt at the computer enjoying the company of all of these wonderful friends, laughing and being silly. I loved every minute of it, and even when my eyes were watery and bleary and my rear end had fallen asleep, I still had the hardest time tearing myself away.
So thanks to all of you my friends for loving and supporting me and my obsessive love for this hobby!
Love you all!

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Julie Ann Shahin said...

Great layout~! Congrats on the LaserWerx team!!!