Monday, May 21, 2007

Road Bloggin

Blogging from the great city of Denver!
I am at the airport, I have a warm Einstein's blueberry bagel in my hand (they just pulled it out of the oven!) and my flight is delayed for a few minutes, so I am catching up a little.
This weekend was so COOOOOL!
Mary Kay has a great store, the grand opening was wonderful and I got to finally meet a bunch of my "imaginary frineds"!
Rachel Carlson put me up and her wonderful husband Rich put up with me!
They were fabulous hosts and I just can't thank her enough! She even got up at four this morning to get me to the airport, LOVE her!
Thanks so much Rach!
I finally got to meet a bunch of peas girls too, Heather, Vivian, Janelle, Kelly, Christyn, Roxane, Barb, and a bunch of others I am sure I am forgetting (sorry!).
The make-n-takes that Mary Kay had organized were amazing too! The guests had choices and play time and shopping with great snacks, so FUN!
I seriously need a vacation from my vacation, LOL!
I am glad to be getting home, I missed my family tons. But this weekend, I seriously had such a great time, and I am completely exhausted from all of the fun!
Gotta go, plane is finally boarding...


rach aka hostess w/mostess said...

bek! please come back already - tee, hee! i'm dozin' off at work zzzzzzzzz - note to self: never ever wake up at 4am ever again - HA! joking! sorry bout' the delayed flight and hope you have/had safe travels. shoot me an email when you arrive safely home, ok? hugs and loves, rach

Lu said...

oh, meeting the imaginary friends is so much fun.

Kelly Miller said...

It was so great to meet you!! You were a blast! Hope you got home safely :)

AK2CO Girl said...

we miss you already!!! thanks for coming to play :)


g said...

Hi Bec

just thought I'ld pop by and say "hi"!!


Rachelle said...

sounds like a fun trip :)