Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Not So Much

I was told by a cute friend that I don't update enough!
Seriously, I do what I can!
My flight home yesterday was uneventful, love those kind!
I have a funny airport story to share:
I was sitting there, bloggin my own business and this scraggly older-ish man comes over and completely invades my personal space. I have issues with this in a big way btw! Anyway, I was giving all the right signals for not interested in any type of human interaction, so this completely caught me off guard, and it was so early I just didn't have the presence of mind to tell him to shove off!
So he starts talking about what a great computer genius he is (of course he so doesn't get that he could be the pres. of the US and I wouldn't care) and wants to drive my computer to show me some cool new gizmo/site called FRING. Again, they could be giving a way free Maserati, I don't care. So when I am still not interacting with me he starts in on Skype and how amazing it is ( I do agree, just not out loud, didn't want to encourage him) well after I keep blogging and ignoring he finally steps aside, whew!
Well to my amazement, not for long! Comes back holding a 5 page printout he wants me to read about Skype, the equipment for Skype, the hype for Skype, etc.
what else can a person do?
I finish up my post, pack my bag and throw the rest of my bagel away. Yeah, he made me lose my appetite, LOL! So when I am waiting for my zone to board, he comes and stands next to me and starts chatting yet again. At this point I am ready to start laughing! I must have dork magnet tattooed on my forehead!
I seriously could not find my seat fast enough to hide from him in and thank goodness he didn't happen to be sitting in the vicinity, I might have died!
To top all of that off, I really needed to pee! But I was so distracted and annoyed by him, that it totally didn't become an issue until I sat on the plane! Hate plane potties, so I had to hold it for the whole flight!
Such an eventful morning, that I was so grateful to go home and have some quiet and that is saying a lot coming from a home with so much going on!
Anyone have any thoughts on how to handle situations like these?
I thought I was reasonably adept at most social situations, but this one did give me a loop!


AK2CO Girl said...

LOL! It's because you are too nice... This is what iPods are for :)

Rachelle said...

too funny! stuff like that happens to me alot. :)
btw...i tagged you.