Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Last night was the deadline for the Lazar StudioWERX design team submissions.
We received beautiful, creative, thoughtful entries.
It will be very tough to choose, but that is a good problem.

The layout of Chloe was made with Lazar digi paper that was recolored, and Lazar buttons and flower. It is a lift of the amazing Marie Cox who has stepped down as a garden girl at Two Peas.

So it has been a typical Becky week, I overplayed tennis yesterday.

Two hours in the morning and Two and a half in the evening. I was a little tired, so when I finally flopped into bed, I think I slept so hard that I strained my whole right side of my neck and back.

To top it off, because I am a rocket surgeon I went and played for another hour and a half this morning.

I played, and it was ugly. The most hilarious part of it is that the friends that I was playing with thought that because I was damaged goods they could just steam roll my partner and I. They over hit the ball all day, and we ended up splitting sets. I learned a life lesson and a tennis lesson from that. The life lesson was never make assumptions, ever. The tennis lesson was, make them play another ball.
Anyway, off to go make some tough choices.

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