Friday, February 02, 2007

Blissed out!

So on Sunday night in Anaheim, I got to go out to dinner with the FAB Bliss girls!
What a fun group, Andrea Hill who is the owner was so generous and FUN!
Karen Carter is the one to blame for inviting me to the shindig, so if there are any complaints about my annoying presence, direct all complaints to her!
Andrea gave away fun goodies pretty much the entire time, and we had a delicious meal followed by a HUGE slice of yummers chocolate cake!
I sat next to an adorable chica named Carrie and across from the delightful Laura, Karen, and Andrea! Next to Carrie was Rani and all others after that point I couldn't say, it was actually pretty dark and crowded!
After my first meal with this group, Christina, Terry, Carmi and Claudine came in to eat. So coincidental because if they had come in any earlier or later I would never seen them, it was just absolutely perfect timing! They had gone to have sushi but the place was closed so they had to wait for over an hour for a table at Buca de Beppo.
I joined them and we just sat and laughed our selves silly! Claudine has the most amazing dark side and between her Christina and Carmi, I was a little creeped out when the conversation was about serial murderers and crazies! Thank goodness the chat turned to other things like the possible topics for Claudine's next book. There are some great things kicking around these crazy girls minds! I would say, but then maybe they wouldn't happen or someone else would steal the ideas (as if anyone reads my blog who writes books, LOL!) and published them first!
Anyway, I laughed so stinking hard and to make it even funnier, I was so full from the previous dinner group that my sides just ached, so I was literally gasping for air during all of this!
Anyway, to make a short story unreasonably long I was completely blissed out and grateful for the friends that I have and for the opportunities I have had to make more, lucky girl!

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Elizabeth said...

BAH! Seriously? I was there, and you were there, and neither of us knew it. I would have really enjoyed meeting Bekzilla : ) Love your Poppet pictures! How in the world did I miss Claudine Hellmuth's booth at CHA??? I felt like I saw a bazillion things and now looking at people's photos I see I missed a ton of stuff I wish I had seen!