Saturday, February 03, 2007

Poppets and such

How great are these two?
Let me tell you, really GREAT!
They are so much fun, talented and beyond kind and patient!
Christina and Terry, thanks!

It is just a little hilarious that my head fit perfectly in the Poppet scene and that the hair looks real!

We had so much fun with this! It was tacky, campy and so darn hilarious!

One of my favorites ended up being Rene Pearson, she is so cute anyway, but man she had fun and totally hammed it up for the pic!

Terry had to do the rock star Poppet, it was so funny to see a 6'5" tall guy slouching down and hamming it up! Thanks T for the HUGE belly laughs!

I am sad that my camera's batteries were dead, there were so many pics that I wanted to get. So many people I met that I would love to have images of, but there is always the next time...



Nicole said...

Hey Bek,
Sounds like you had a blast . . . I'm so jealous!;) I'm hoping I'll be going to the summer show.

That Poppet picture of you is a hoot!

Mindy said...

Yeah... I can leave comments now:) Looks like you had tons of fun!