Friday, February 02, 2007

Back to reality

Watching Grey's Anatomy after a nice relaxing day!
Got back from Anaheim late last night after a fun five day extravaganza with Christina and Terry in the Lazar StudioWerx booth. We played with Poppets, giggled and teased each other mercilessly until Claudine joined us in the booth, and then it was her turn to be tortured by our humor!
I left with some fun, campy dares that I can't wait to get done!
It was great getting to see some of the faces of those that I adore, Michelle Hill, Sande Krieger, Teresa Collins, Debby Shuh, Tia Bennett, Kim Mattina, Emily Adams (there are more but I am tired...)
All amazing women with hearts of gold!
I got to meet the Bliss Girls, and hang out with them for a little bit, and they are so fun, Thanks Andrea for letting me hang with your FAB team!
I wish I had gotten to spend a little more time with my roomie Miss Mary Kay!
She is so delightfully opinionated! I love her! She was a woman with a plan, you should have seen what she conquered in such a short time, very impressive!
Of course I took my camera, didn't take it out until the last day, and of course the batteries were completely dead, LOL! Oh well...
So if for some reason you have an image of me, would you link it so I can appreciate how great the people are I get to hang with!
There was just miles of beautiful products, some fun new businesses and some of my favorites with new goodies that set me to having the gimmies!
I was fortunate enough to get to meet Addy, Stacy Julian's latest addition, and she is ADORABLE, congrats Stacy!
Renae Pearson stopped in the booth and was a Poppet, I love her, she is incredible!
She left me feeling inspired and with a skinny black chick pin!
Life is good!
I love making new friends and some that I can't wait to be proud of are the Effer Dare Girls! They are very talented, full of energy and ready to conquer the world! They remind me of what it is like to have the world at your feet and youth on your side! Go Gettum Girls! Gen's new paper line is beautiful! Can't wait to see what is down their path! So thanks Gen, Meghan, Nisa, and Kristina for the inspiration and the fun!
Reality today was feeling a little icky (sore throat and stuffy nose), crocheting a whole scarf, catching up on my tivo, finishing a couple of LO's that had been left on my table, printing some pics and having a tennis lesson. Pretty great day if you ask me!
Had a great conversation with a friend who knows where I am at with the scrapping thing, and she is so supportive, honest and real! She gave me some really huge advice today that I really want to work on! It is not very easy to say some of the things that someone needs to hear, you know like you have a little something in your teeth, or the little nose hangy hint or handing you a listerine strip. But a good friend will say the uncomfortable thing with the hope that you know that they are true to the friendship. Most people want others to succeed but not if it prepares you to compete with them at some point, (I have learned this to be true from tennis, but it is a great life lesson) the really good friends are the ones who help you self-improve no matter. So a quick shout to all the friends who have put all that stuff aside to help me grow, I LOVE and APPRECIATE all of YOU!
Which brings me lastly to Ali Edwards. She absolutely eptomizes this everyday! She gives so much of herself and in such a selfless way, amazing. Her e-zine hits home with me every time how much she wants us all to grow to where she is ( she will long be gone with her incredible capacity for growth) but she reaches down to lift all of us and to the end that we can possibly become more like her. Truly selfless and inspirational!
Thanks Ali!
So enough with the blah-blah-blah! I am just grateful to be who I am, where I am and what I am and to be that at home, LOL!

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