Thursday, January 25, 2007

Just one more day

I just have one more day to get my act together before I leave town for five days.
I am not a list maker, I am not a planner.
Some people are great at that, me not so much.
I put what I remember into a bag and go. I rarely have problems with this system, lets hope that this time is no exception!
I won't be posting, I am sure that I won't be missed...
Looking forward to seeing a lot of people I know and meeting other new friends!
I am excited about the additions to the Lazar StudioWerx lines.
Christina has been such a good friend that it is hard to believe that I have only known her for one year, it seems like we have always been friends.
I hope everyone has a great show, and that it meets their needs and expectations.
Have a happy week all!

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