Saturday, February 17, 2007

Been able to get about a layout a day done, feeling like I'm on a bit of a roll!
Super mojo-nated with the arrival of both of my kit club boxes yesterday! Kind of wish that they would arrive like a week apart so it would feel like christmas more times a month! I love both of these clubs, and even though I live where I can find most of the things that come, I love surprises so much that this is a fun way to spend my scrapping money! It pushes me to use things that I wouldn't usually pick for myself and to enjoy special touches that I would never be able to find because they are made only for the subscribers of the clubs. LOVE that part, the extra little goodies are so cool!
The snow in my yard all melted this week because of rain storms, and I have to admit that I am sad! I love the snow, and I would love to have it around for much longer than the average person. I don't get cold, partially because I am really good at choosing layers and partially because I don't hold still for very long, LOL!
Dave is such an oven that if I do get chilled, I just make him be my personal heater for a minute and then voila, warm again!
It has been fun around here for the last day, my brother surprised his wife for her birthday (they both share the same day, but it was for her--no really...) by taking her to a nice hotel and a FAB dinner out last night. I took their four kids and we had the biggest slumber party last night! There are sleeping bags everywhere, and the house smells like pancakes!
I am missing a fundraiser crop that I have gone to for the last couple of years, but Rick and Bri really needed this! I am sure they won't even notice that I wasn't at the the crop, but my bro would have noticed if I hadn't been there for them! Anyway, they have such darling, hilarious girls that it is a hoot! Love those girls!
Anyway, still working on the special gift, another 2 am last night and I am only half way done (boo hoo!) but it wil get there, just not by tomorrow afternoon...
With the girls here and an obligation to play league tennis today, my day is a little full, I probably won't get to work on it until late this evening again.
We do what we can!

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Nicole said...

LOVE this layout, sounds like a fun time for the kids:) such a sweet sis you are.