Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

Busy week so far!

Monday was hectic, but I got to catch up with a very dear friend! We met at Fashion Place, and got some valentines business done for our families while we visited and caught up. I just love her, she is funny and a little snarky and we get along like sisters because we can both take a jab! I got to see those cockroach brooches that are all the rage. They are decorated and then have a leash clip that you can pin to your clothes, so the cockroach is a live roaming broach! Very cool, very NOT me! They were at a shop called the Black Chandelier, and if I were still a kid, this would totally be THE shop for me! It is random, quirky and very obnoxious in a fun and wild way! LOVED IT!

Then I went to Jo-Ann's and found some way yummy yarns to make a special gift! I will post pics when I am done. I have the goal of having a huge project done by Sunday, probably won't be done, but I need deadlines, sad but true! Worked on this said project until 2 am!

Tuesday (yesterday?!!) was just as crazy, met with the personal trainer got my butt kicked! Ran Tyler to school (his car is still in timeout until his grades come up! Can't he hurry and get them back up?) Then straight to the hair dresser for a color and cut! Yippee! A couple of hours to myself, RELAXING! Then more work on the special project, a few layouts worked on a then made a few dozen valentines cards for the kids and the kids important friends.

So today is a little tennis and then back to the special project until my hands fall off, LOL!
And there it is, a happy Valentines day!

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