Friday, February 09, 2007

What's for dinner

It is Friday night, and it has been a long week (month, year, etc) and Dave I think is a little sick of me and the whole scarpbooking thing right now. But he also knows that I am a donkey on the edge, so he took me out for a little bit this afternoon, let me get some new yarn for an afghan for Tyler and some of the new papers that I have been coveting. I love the new Scenic Route lines but Laurel has a special little place in my heart because of the name!
So I had to get a couple pieces of that, and then a few sheets of the new American Crafts--YUMMY!
So my husband does qualify for sainthood once in a while, but neither of us felt like making a meal or even deciding what to have the kids make for us (as if, LOL!) So Cafe Rio it is!
And to go perfectly with the meal, a little tivo from the week!
I might also have to sneak into the craft room, I am feeling very inspired and really want to play with my new toys!


Anonymous said...

What a HOOT, Becky! Love the layout. Is that your hubby? Nick does ALL of the cooking in our house - gave me a great idea to do a layout of him in our kitchen. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just want to know... Where are his arms?
You crack me up!

Rox -