Wednesday, February 21, 2007


So the story goes like this...
while at CHA I spent the entire week looking at the warty backside of the SandyLion booth.
Pooh, Tigger, Mater etc.
NOT good for the whole creativity feeling the mojo kind of thing, kwim?
So by the end of the week we had plenty of jokes at SandyLion's expense.
then Christina has the nerve to ask during breakdown if she can have the supergirl stickers that had been part of the mocking. The guy was very kind and went to check if they were a mock-up or the real thing. If they were real, then yes.
So of course they were real, after a few giggles and wondering what to do with them, Christina challenged me to use them in some campy way!
So here it is, two weeks later...
A poppety version of supergirl! Not terribly impressive, but very fun to do!
So here is the challenge if you are reading this:
Find something in your stash that isn't something that you would even consider using anymore and use it! Have fun with it and then share a link with me! I would love to see some silly crazy fun stuff!


Me said...

OK Super Girl is Super funny!
Good job on the chalange...

Rox -

Nicole said...

Love this Bek, so hilarious:)