Friday, August 11, 2006

Turning Forty

After our Friday morning tennis the tennis girls took me out to lunch! We had a great time and lunch was delish! I love these girls, we have so much fun together, and they are all each so unique!Friday was a great day!
So Saturday was the official birthday. We had goals. The truck had to get in to be worked on so I could get across the Nevada desert without mishap, I wanted to go find a cool birthday gift and we had dinner plans with my very fun sibs. Should have been a no-brainer! Well Dave got the truck dropped off. We continue with the rest of the day and it just kind of unravels slowly. He hadn't done anything, (don't ask) and so I was a little miffed, but it was still ok in my book because he had planned dinner and was keeping it a secret. So the shop called and told us we could come and get the truck, it is ready. So I throw on this pair of shoes to just ride the 1.5 miles down to the shop. Big mistake!So they are pretty cute shoes, and I love them to just "ride around" in.
We hop into Dave's car. It is a work in progress. A 1989 Porsche 928. I really don't like this car, it smells funny, it is unreliable and uncomfortable! It knows I feel this way, and every time i get into it something happens. My birthday was apparently not to be the exception!
So we get to the shop and my truck (that was supposed to be done) is now overheating and they can't explain why, but it will now not be ready to be picked up until later Monday morning. I am pissed because I was going to leave for Oregon very early Monday so the kids could enjoy the afternoon there. Well, now that is out of the question. I am now also out the car that transports the entire family and we have a family dinner at my aunt's houe scheduled for late Sunday afternoon-POOP! She lives in Ogden which is an hour away, so we have to cancel that as well. My mom was more than a little peeved about that!
But no, that couldn't possibly be the end of the birthday surprises!
The porsche now won't start.
Of course, I mean why would it? It knows I hate it, it is my "old lady" birthday and the day has been in decline from early on. Why not just hammer the nails into the coffin if it has the chance! (ok, I know I am projecting onto an inanimate object, but trust me, it knows!)
So back to the cute shoes.
It is about 105 degrees outside, I am wearing really cute jeans and these fabulous shoes. Now I get to walk the one and a half miles home.
Poor Dave, not a chance he can save this one! He was toast with me.
We walked about a quarter of a mile and I knew that I would never make it.
Thank God (literally) that there was a grocery store on the way. I walked over to it and bought these cool little bad boys!Now at a buck a pair, I should have bought them in every color, but then I would have had to carry them. These saved my feet and Dave's life.
It was a long and miserable walk home and Dave lost about ten pounds from me chewing his a$$ off, but we survived.
My feet were filthy but not blistered or broken!
So these were my birthday gift to myself!
The truck ended up having to stay until Monday late afternoon. They figured out that they had put in a defective part and finally replaced it. The truck was so happy and ran like a champ the whole way to OR and back!
So that was my big 4-0, pretty cool, huh!
Needless to say that everyday after that one is a great one!

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