Sunday, August 13, 2006

Good Gracious

Okay, I think I have finally gone over the top!
Oh, wait.
I do that everyday, with pretty much everything.
Kind of my personality.
So I am trying really hard to be very appreciative and gracious. Part of this goal for me is letting the people who I appreciate know explicitly why and how I am grateful. So I can also be intense. Very intense to be exact, like scary sometimes.
So if I have frightened you or someone you love with my intensely scary graciousness, I am so sorry!
So an explanation of why this is a goal might be in order. I had found myself with my kind of hectic schedule, postponing letting people know how I felt about what they had done for me. Then it came around to me that I had never thanked someone for something. YIKES!
So embarassed!
So if I have freaked you out, I am sorry and if I blew you off I am so sorry!
So, I am going to have to try to find a happy medium!

So on another note, I did a digi layout last night, and I love it!

I found some flaws, but it is not bad for a beginning effort!

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