Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Taking the Scenic Route

Lazy Summer Days So what have you been doing for the summer? I haven't been that busy until just this last week. Had a wonderful opportunity to play (thanks Sarah and Layle!)with the new Scenic Route CHA release, and it is gorgeous!
TemptationSo with the last week being full of paper and glue, the rest of my stuff has been in a holding pattern! I leave in 36 hours for Chicago, and still have just a few more things to do besides love on the kids a little more!
Two PeasI really like the work I was able to do with this new line, and the colors really were fun and spoke to me!
TrueI could visualize just what I wanted, and totally get there! There were some paper size issues, since we were working with printer proof sheets, we only had one of each design! Rox and I had to do some serious negotiating to make it all work, scraps and all! It got very funny at some points!
Room for Squares
SpoiledThe summer has just flown by, and I can't believe that the kids go back to school in just four weeks.
Me and My ShadowI need to get them out of town, but I am not sure how and when or where! Any suggestions? Karla wants us to go to Oregon in a week, but *ack* not sure if I am up for that drive!
Good Clean FunThe kids would love to go to CA, but there is a bit of weirdness with Dave's parents, they haven't been very communicative, so we think there is something going on with his mom's health. Any way, don't want to drive all the way there to find out they decided to jump to Hawaii for a couple of weeks.
Take a HikeDave is still relatively new in some duties at the office so he isn't feeling like a long week is in the cards for him. So thus, my best vacations this summer (but not the kids, hehehe!) have been in my scrap room playing!
And getting to take the Scenic Route Paper Co. vacation was heavenly!

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Anonymous said...

Take them up to Park City! Zip line, pool, mountain biking, golf, hot air ballooning. That sound like a blast and it is only an hour away! and COOL!