Sunday, July 30, 2006

The low down on my CHA summer trip

Let's start with the roommates:
Sara Winnick
hilarious, talented and easy-going. She is amazing. She can express things with her face that she will never say, but if you were to spend enought time with her, she would always be an open book! She is so patient and professional as well.

Mary Kay Seckinger
Wonderfully talented, a great converstionalist, and delightfully opinionated!
She is so independent, she would get up first thing go to her classes, and do her "things"! She is a girl with plans! She managed to hit all of the desirable make-n-takes, do the manufacturer tour and get her card filled so she could get the goodies!

Suzanne Quillen
This girl doesn't need sleep, we had a lot to talk about! She could actually outlast me, that scares me! She brought with her besides the requisite clothes and scrapping gear, 14 dozen cookies that were all hand decorated, a gorgeous (and quite tasty) apple pie and a loaf of sweet potatoe bread! Hello, does she really ever sleep? After that weekend I have decided deninitely NOT! Oh yeah, and everyone and I mean everyone knows her! Which is great if the said cookies are with her and I get to become associated as "cool" by proximity! And she is that whole talented and fun thing too!

So we called it Roomie-palooza!
We brought kits for each other and we did pages for each others albums with the kits. It was a three scrappers five products kind of thing. Each album used the products that had been brought by that person! It was great to see each artist's style and process. It was a palette cleansing for me. After seeing so much "stuff" through the day, getting to comeback and be challenged by this was a great way to put away all the days sights and sounds and re-focus!

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Mary Kay said...

You good girl, you, posting all your photos. Me, not so much! I'm lucky I got that one e-mailed to all of you.