Sunday, July 30, 2006

Some of the people that I adore!

Mary Rogers and Suzanne Quillen outside of the CK and Chatterbox booths!

Maria Grace Abuzman, Kah-mei and Suzanne Quillen at the Fontwerks booth! These are such fun girls and wow, talented!

Michelle Hill
This Girl has got "it"! A product designer for Lil' Davis she seriously sparkles!

Elsie Flannigan
A CK SuperStar, but more importantly, a really soft and sweet woman!

Sharly Balcaen
Designs for Scenic Route and a few other cool shops! So Cute!

Debby Shuh
A talented woman who is beyond classy! She designs for Anna Griffin and exudes confidence and style!

How lucky am I that I have friends like these!

1 comment:

tifsmith said...

i'm not on this list?
i have a pic or two to send you.
well i would
if i could find my missing sd card.