Thursday, May 25, 2006

Got Nothing

Going on today.
There was some tennis and some scrapping and kids.
It is one of the days that I am so glad that I can enjoy because I have nothing pressing on me. I didn't have to be anywhere,or do anything for anyone.
Okay, that is not true.
Had to get Dave to the train and Carter to school. And then be to the club by 9:00 to play tennis for a while. Loved on the cats and did some research and playing on the internet. Then Rox brought Ryan by so she could go to a meeting and he and I went and got the girls from school and Dave from the train. Then we picked up my sewing machine and Rox then met us at home so she could get Ryan. Worked on my Lazar DT project which now is almost finished. Went to my tennis lesson with Karen Thorup and then returned some DT e-mails and organized some tennis for the weekend.
That is about as quiet a day as I get, and it was HEAVEN!
I don't really "do" housework. I can always wait Dave out. He was raised by an obsessive/compulsive mother and he cracks way before I do with the messes!
yea I am evil, hehehe!
But didn't you already know that about me?
Still miss my dog and think about Wendy.

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