Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A beautiful Utah morning

So I got up today and hiked!
Millcreek Canyon had always been my favorite for the quick close hikes. You can hike in for and hour and a half and get down in forty five minutes so you don't have to spend all day getting a wonderful look at the beauty God gave us! I took two cameras too!
It was actually pretty funny, my girlfriend Elaine was totally annoyed with me by the time we were done.
She said "either no cameras next time or I am going to be late showing up so my hair and make-up will be done!" Maybe I took too many pictures of her and was too bossy with telling her where to stand and how! (ya think?) Anyway, she is such a good sport and totally adorable too, so I think the pics will be wonderful! I used my old analog Canon A-1. It is such a great camera, and when I am on, the pics are so great. Can't blame the camera when they stink unfortunately! Used the digital one for some pics of some beautiful blue moths that I wanted to get for sure, and then just for fairness, I let Elaine take a pic of me. See, I can be nice sometimes!
Well, today is Carter's fourth grade program, it is all about Utah. This is my fourth program and I could probably sing with them and recite all the parts.
I am really grateful that my kids have been able to go to Eastwood, it is wonderful school, all the teachers and a lot of the parents are very involved and commited. That is good for parents like me who when it is time for the fourth child to come through are a little burnt out! I have done time (it sounds like I am talking about prison, LOL!) with all the kids in all of their classrooms, and when the co-op group ended for Carter last year, I decided that I was tired.
So thanks to all of you tireless teachers and parents who soldier on, I really appreciate all of you!

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Fun fun!!!