Friday, January 20, 2006

Scrapworks DT

I did send in an entry for the Scrapworks team. I also so did not bust my butt for this one. I wanted to see what would happen if I sent them my "real" work. The stuff that matters to me that I scrap for myself/family.
I LOVE this layout! It is so perfect for Chloe, and I think that it is a cool combination of the "grunge" and the "graphic" styles. I think that it is a look that will become popular. (but then again what do I know, I don't get DT calls, so I may not exactly have my fingers on the scrapbooking pulse!)
This is the two page LO that I used. I loved the paper layer look. And the color combo makes me so happy, it is bright and cheerful!
These are LOs that were made for the kids and are what they like! I am glad that I sent my work in, and given the quality of the team they have selected, I probably wouldn't have entered if I had known. But I am also so glad that I didn't invest so much of myself ala Junkitz or Basic Grey so as to be devastated today! I used an Altoids tin as my paper project, and turned it into a business card holder! I can't wait to use it at CHA! The card that I made was one that I did in about 15 minutes, and I was so proud of myself for actually getting a cute card made in such a short time! That in and of itself is a result of me pushing myself through these types of contests and calls. I am happy that I feel growth and see changes in my work, I love Scrapworks, I will always use their products and I think that they are a fun company with great standards! Thanks Scrapworks for at least taking the time to look at my entry and for having an open call so I could challenge myself! So, I have had a great day. Played tennis for about five hours! Three in the morning and two this evening! I also finished a title on a LO that I have been working on for HOF that was giving me a hard time! I don't know if I will get my entry done for that, but I am doing work that I love and that the kids love, that will help me grow and learn more about myself! As an artist I am learning and as a Mom/historian I am a great success! I am hoping that I am figuring out how to prioritize and become a better person for all of my choices.

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