Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

Somehow it has come to be the 24th of December! Between all of life's little distractions, somehow it has gotten here whether I was ready or not!

The majesty and magic of Christmas! The lights on the tree with the ornaments that have been collected through the years, brings such happy memories and hope for the future! One of our favorite traditions is to give the kids a new ornament as one of their twelve days of Christmas gifts, so we have many wonderful eclectic ornaments!

I did get two stockings done this week, so glad that I got the kids done!

Tyler's is so vanilla, just like him!

And Chloe's is so FOOOFY, just like her!

So don't you just love my stocking model! Tyler so did not want to do this for me, so he was doing his cheesy teenage boy smile!

I will do Dave's and mine after the holidays so they will be ready for next year, I just didn't have it in me with the goo that I had, to get more done.

Another Wonderful tradition is the kids open their last gift for twelve days on Christmas Eve. It has always been PJs (this comes from my family) and so far they have always matched!

This layout was done on the picture that was taken in 2001! One of my favorite thing about any holiday is the traditions that have come from our own childhood being passed into the next generation! It is how we remember those who have come before us and recognize and respect their love and sacrifices!

One of the messages of Christmas that means the most to me is the gift of love through sacrifice that our Father in Heaven sent with his son, our Saviour! Every family does this in some way, and I am so grateful for the sacrifices that were made for me and for the love that I am able to share with my family through my sacrifices!

I wish everyone a very blessed, love filled Christmas!


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