Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Day

This is what Christmas morning looks like at our house! The stockings are enjoyed from the time they get up until the time they can coerce Dave and I to get out of bed, today that happened to be 9:00.
How adorable are they all in their matching PJs? I had to take some film shots today too, just because they were so cute!

Chloe had been wanting a sewing machine for a while, along with a load of other really expensive electronics (i-pod, cellphone, video camera, etc). We found her one that we are hoping will last her quite a while, it is very cool and sounds so smooth when it runs!

Carter loves legos, bionicles and dragons. He got so many things that have miniscule pieces, please have pity on the bottom of my pooor little feet!

Laurel loves all things anime, so she received some manga, a bunch of art supplies (pencils, pens, all sizes of paper pads smudge sticks etc) and a cell phone so her parents can keep track of her! We figure it is kind of like putting a bell on a cat, the sound is annoying, but you always know where it is!

This would be Tyler playing with the very desirable 30gig I-pod! He took his mini to school all the time and had gotten to trusting with his schoolmates and had left it in his backpack in an unlocked school room while he was in his Aikido class. He went to get it out of his backpack and was devastated to see that it was gone! We hope that he has learned his lesson and won't be taking this one to school, it was so hard to find and cost an arm and a leg! He also got a cell phone and for the very same reasons as Laurel, we need to be able to find him a little easier! I look really lovely! Not enough sleep and still recuperating form the sinus infection! Dave surprised with a cheap t.v. for my scrap room and I got him a dvd player for our room. He also gave me some scrap supplies, masking paper, embossing powder and a kraft sketch pad!

Dave was smooching on the dog! I wasn't fast enough to get the picture, but right before this picture, Avalanche had just slurped Dave's face, it was hilarious! Very unexpected, he (the dog) doesn't like to kiss us, he thinks we have bad breath! So I figure that Dave's breath must have been so bad that it was actually good smellilng to the dog and worth kissing!

One of my favorite moments of the day was when Carter (who had found, paid for and wrapped this gift) gave Tyler a light sabre for christmas!

Tyler was so excited as was Carter (it had been killing him to keep his secret!) and Tyler gave Carter the biggest hug! I wanted to cry at that moment, it was so sweet! Tyler had his i-pod, cell and light sabre with him ALL day!

Our Christmas day continues with giving out our neighbor gifts and a wonderful choir service at church! Roxanne, Brett and their boys came over for the late afternoon/evening and we had a wonderful prime rib dinner, apple pie, scones, a gorgeous salad and movies and games! We are so blessed with a wonderful family and a peaceful home! We are lucky to have had this Christmas with Avalanche! And we are lucky to have friends and family all over that we love and miss very much!


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