Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Another Quickie!

So today was really busy, but so what else is new?
I finally got the pearls onto the stocking I finished the other night, so here is a picture of it!

So cute, and so perfect for Laurel! Silly, fun, elegant and gorgeous all in one package!
So happppy! Got my hair done today, feels so much better!
Spent the afternoon preparing for the Young Women's activity tonight, we are doing twelve days gifts for her, and we got five of them made tonight!
*A decorated composition book with sweet notes from the girls in it (BG Fusion)
*A decorated clipboard (BG Fusion)
*A decorated cigar box for correspondence (BG Fusion)
*Ten cards done with BG Fusion
*A darling polar fleece blanket that is red with animal print hearts all over it!
Tomorrow I will make the matching pillow!
The girls had so much fun with these projects, and did a beautiful job of helping each other, cooperating and cleaning up! Very cool and fun activity!
Well, I am pooped, did not get any sleep Dave snored SO LOUDLY last night, aargh!
Off to take some Tylenol p.m. and force some rest onto myself, hehehe!

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Corinnexxx said...

I love your stockings!! so creative!!!