Saturday, December 03, 2005

Chloe is Thirteen!

Chloe had her birthday yesterday! She is officially a teen now!

She got some fun gifts, the campfire Bratz dolls and tent and she decide to have shopping spree instead of a party. We went out to dinner to her favorite restaurant, Asian star and then to the mall to get some new clothes some yummy lip gloss and a new Build-a-Bear. Vanessa the dog is darling, and Chloe picked out the Sugar Plum Fairy outfit to go on her, so girlie girl!

Quit growing so fast Chloe, it is so hard for me to let go!

Bought the christmas tree today!

Carter helped Dave unravel the twine that had gotten stuck! It was so funny to watch them "work together"!

Carter couldn't reach the very tip without Dave having to bury his face in the tree!

So how much help was Carter?

We may never know, but the moment was so worth it!

How cute are they?

Tyler spent the day at Alta, we will get to hear about the wonderful storm they had up there, and the other three were at the make-up tennis work out and Laurel hit with Mosha after.

Dave and I got to go to the early morning aerobic tennis workout. It was very fun and we got a really good workout, and even ended up as "King and Queen of the court" playing together, which is funny because we haven't really played well together in the past!

Anyway, it has been a good day, snow on the ground, Christmas in the air, now I just have a few "projects" to finish! Those stockings and then some cards would be a great start!


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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! And wonderful photos of the tree getting done. :)